Dorperland MTB Challenge


Event Date : 29 June 2024








Men/ Women Open

Teenage / Family Ride

Kid Fun Ride

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Something For Everyone!

Cyclists who want to test their performances and those who just want to have fun in a cold and dry winter region, Kenhardt is the right place to just do that. The Dorperland challenge offers the perfect race to stretch your tolerances. A unique and raw experience awaits.




Resources for Racers


Children from rural areas will be inspired.

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local businesses

local businesses can have an opportunity to increase their income during the event.

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Wider Audience

Sponsors can reach a wider audience.

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We provide a unique experience for cyclists and create everlasting experiences.


Our Partner And Friends

What is a Dorper?


“The Dorper sheep was develop in the 1930’s by the department of Agriculture of South Africa when they did a crossing with a Dorset Horn Ram and Blackhead Persian ewes. After the First World War, increased interest developed in South Africa in crossing indigenous sheep, like the Persian and Merino with the British mutton breed rams. The precise reason for this phenomenon is not clear. As a result of circumstances such as the depression, surplus mutton and the slump in wool prices, in the early 30’s the exporting of mutton and lamb received more attention. To the English market the fat-tail type sheep were both strange and new and according to their system of grading not desirable.

A need originates for a fairly good mutton sheep which could produce fast growing lambs on veld conditions with quality carcass. In the Western Cape, a prerequisite was that the ewes must be rutting in November-December in order to lamb from April. In the Karoo areas, the aim was to replace the fat-tail types with a breed with a more acceptable carcass. The initial need was to produce a sheep breed suitable to the demanding low rainfall areas of the Northern Province. A relatively easily care sheep with an acceptable meat carcass had to be found for these difficult circumstances”. For more info about the Dorper sheet visit www.dorpersa.co.za